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In Love With Lianne La Havas

When you've been brought up on some of the greatest muscians in the world, from almost every genre imaginable, it's very easy to be disenchanted with much of the popular music out now.

Thankfully, whenever I feel like I've given up on the current music scene, and the type of music that is forced onto the masses, a beacon of light shines through from the legion of the not-yet-mainstream but destined-for-greatness artists.

Today I am grateful for Lianne La Havas yet again. Her first album was awesome so I am eagerly anticipating her new album "Blood" that will be released on July 31st.

I have yet to see Ms. La Havas in concert, but it looks like I will have a chance to see her either in Boston or New York City this fall! Here is her tour schedule.

Check out her new song/video below!

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