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Good Music Really Does Soothe The Soul

I find that I've been engaging in a lot of self-care lately. With so much going on in the world, it's been really difficult to discern the steps I should be taking to combat Dastardly D and his inept associates. Should I continue doing the things I believe I'm here to do, like write another children's book to inspire and empower our children? Should I continue to invest more time into my other initiatives which are all social enterprises or social justice projects? Or should I just stop everything to deal with the effects of our nation's tragic presidential election results, like travel to Washington and park there with my picket sign until this nightmare is over? Ugh! Indecision is super painful for an action oriented individual, and clearly I'm conflicted.

So rather than take you through all the #resist options I'm contemplating, I'm just going to share the musicians who are helping me make it through. - However, I was able to make one decision! My new children's book comes out in the spring! :)

Anyway, this past year I had the wonderful opportunity to see Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah, Solange, Anthony David, and Alice Smith in concert. They were all exceptional! I even got to see Hamilton! - All of these events moved me and inspired me in some way. Solange and Christian are two artists who use their platforms to speak truth to power so their concerts were just the soul food I needed. And Hamilton is even more powerful today when the still unfulfilled ideals of our nation feel more distant than ever.

You've known for a while now that I'm a Daniel Caesar fan. His album recently dropped, and it's perfect! And I was just recently introduced to the music of Natalia Lafourcade, and I'm in love.

Check out two of my favorite songs, one from each artist, then make sure you listen to their full albums. Their albums are great!

Natalia Lafourcade - Soy Lo Prohibido

Daniel Caesar - Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)

What music is soothing your soul these days?

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