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Liz Vice Rocks And She's Coming To Boston!

Photo Credit: Chimera Rene

My love for music is well documented. I really could not imagine a world without it. I sometimes grow frustrated when radio stations "force" you to listen to the same people over and over and over yet again... So many times I have to find good music elsewhere.

NPR does a great job of highlighting musicians who you may not hear on mainstream radio stations (yet). It is because of NPR that I am aware of all the awesomeness Liz Vice is bringing. I've had her song "Empty Me Out" on repeat for a few weeks now; so you can imagine how excited I am to learn that she will be playing Johnny D's on October 3rd! I will be there to cheer her on and you should join me!

Check out Liz singing "Empty Me Out" below. Then take a quick trip over to AFROPUNK to learn more about Liz.

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