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Musiq Soulchild Makes You Want To Say "I Do"

I really value being single. It's the only time in your life when you get to be selfish and really focus on accomplishing your goals without having to consider someone else's needs. I also think a marriage between two people who value, love, and support each other is a beautiful thing, but until I find a realtionship like that, I can wait.

Enter Musiq Soulchild with his new single "I Do." It's absolutely beautiful! It's honest and loving. I love it so much that I actually listened to it for 2 hours straight while driving home from a book signing this past weekend.

"I Do" makes me excited about the prospect that one day a kind, purpose-driven, and loving Stevie Wonder and Frankie Beverly And Maze fan, will convince me that we can accomplish more together than apart.

Take a listen below.

I Do

Here are a few other Musiq Soulchild songs that I love. Thank you, Musiq, for all you do. Never stop.

Moment In Life


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