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Kick-Ass Alice Smith Blesses Boston

Photo Credit: Siobhan

Last night I got to see Alice Smith perform for the FIFTH time! Alice is a kick-ass rockstar (and fashionista) who really takes the time to embody the lyrics of each song she sings. She is so fabulous that even while she's up on stage shining like the star she is, she's so down to Earth that sometimes you feel like you're just at the show to support a friend who just happens to be one of the greatest musicians of her time.

The truth is that there are not enough English adjectives to accurately convey how great of an experience it is to witness Alice's talent, so I will just say that if you have not seen her in concert, make it a priority to do so. You will not be disappointed!

Follow her on Facebook to get tour updates, purchase her albums, and watch a video from another performance below to get a taste of what you've been missing!

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